Pytha Lab

No matter whether you design furniture, houses and interiors, exhibition booths or products for daily use – the basic workflow is always the same. In order to live up the expectations which keep on rising steadily, different software packages are often used in these three work steps. But changing to another software forces you do convert your data- this is often a very time-consuming task which also leads to the loss of many information. The 3D CAD system PYTHA on the other hand offers one universal solution for your everyday work.

The planning, the presentation and even the production of your designs is supported by one single software solution. PYTHA offers the immediate design of three- dimensional objects. Due to the simple and above all fast usability of PYTHA, the two- dimensional design is not necessary any more. Therefore, you benefit from the advantage that all further applications can be generated directly from the 3D model. For example, it is possible to create sectional drawings, views and details as automatic results of the 3D model and remain connected associatively. An enhancement with 2D- sketches, dimensions, hatches and textures can, of course, be performed at any time.

Material properties, names and even lamps are also directly included in your project and can, as an example, be displayed in part lists for calculation purposes and used for a photorealistic visualization at the same time. PYTHA also offers several tools for the effective presentation of your designs. Even the PYTHA basic package contains an integrated Raytracer, which makes it possible to calculate perfect photorealistic renderings.

Key Features

  • One-Stop 3D CAD Software Solution: PYTHA allows you to plan and model any design, make construction plans, give fotorealistic presentations and manufacture seamlessly.
  • Quick and Easy 3D Planning -Easy to learn
  • No limit to your freedom of design – powerful freeform tools
  • Comprehensive 3D-libraries freely customizable
  • Direct Output of Part Lists
  • Connects with virtually any calculation software
  • Fast Real Time Visualizations (Radiosity) in fotorealistic quality
  • Physically correct illumination simulation
  • Extensive Real Time Animations
  • Free Viewer for your customers, which enables them to explore your designs interactively
  • Interfaces: DXF, DWG, DGN,STL, MI, Carat, Koordinaten, 3DS, VRML, HPGL, TIFF, JPEG, ASCII-Text, PDB

A layout area with different powerful tools enables the combination of different angles, details in different scales, graphics, images and texts in only one plan. Furthermore, the ground- side- and top views can be adjusted automatically.

But the RadioLab functionality can be called the masterpiece of the PYTHA environment. It enables sales- promotional real time presentation. This means that you can take a walk trough your design with your customers, so that you are able to benefit from the lifelike display, which is based on a physically correct light scheduling.

Your customer’s wishes can be implemented in the presentation immediately, as materials, textures or complete elements can be switched speedily. With PYTHA, your presentation becomes a groundbreaking success!

Of course, PYTHA also assists you during your project’s last stage- the production. With the help of the approved “screen 2 machine” technology, it is possible to transfer your projects to aCAMsystem or a CNC machine smoothly. If required, PYTHA automatically deduces the necessary 2D elements from your 3D presentation and adds necessary tool- and material information respectively. In order to customize the PYTHA system to your wishes in an effective way, a modular structure was chosen. This means that you only need to purchase the software components which you actually need. Of course, a later setup change is possible at any time. On the following pages, you will learn more about the PYTHA modules and of course, your PYTHA dealer will also gladly assist you in finding your optimal configuration.