Ardis is an efficient optimizing solution that reduces material wastage. Several modules are available to customize the software to suit the requirements of each user. Panel saws or beam saws can be controlled with this software. Ardis Optimizer- Optimized cutting is essential in today’s competitive environment. The highest material yield can only be achieved efficiently through the use of Optimization software.

Ardis is a completely interactive, easy to use, mouse driven application. Several modules are available including, flexible quantities, parts priority, width and length adjustment, join identical parts, parts scheduling, edge banding calculation, grain matching, material mix, inventory control, off cut management, stack cutting, user definable labels, interactive label printing as well as others.

After a cultist has been entered either manually or automatically through the use of turnkey software, the job can be optimized and the following information is displayed.

If you cut parts, you need a way to keep track of them. Every part has a label produced in the sequence in which they are cut. Detailed customized labels provide full part information including graphics and bar-coded CNC program name. Part identification is easy and further operations such as edge banding are clearly visible on the label.


  • Just-in-time manufacturing.
  • High yields.
  • Shorter lead times the ability to easily handle custom and modular components.