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NC Hops is an easy to use computerized machining interface which is compatible with most machines. Generate throw away programs with speed. Full parametric functions make NC Hops extremely flexible. Simulation of all machining operations are visible in 3D, allowing the user to view all machining operations.

NC Hops is a CAMsolution that is flexible and efficient saving hours of programming time for your CNC machinery. Increase your productivity and reduce your manufacturing errors through a user friendly graphic environment which is compatible with most CNC machinery. Change your machine and keep the same NC-HOPS software, eliminating the need to learn another software package.

NC-HOPS is easily reconfigured to suit special requirements. A unique macro language allows the creation of standard parametric programs. Simply select the required CNC machine and NC-HOPS will do the rest. Small graphic part images (WMF files) are produced for use on printed labels. Laser positioning systems and vacuum pod positioning systems are supported by NC-HOPS.

Recently introduced is NC-HOPS nesting, providing true shaped nesting for all curved components. The NC-HOPS nesting supports parts within parts as well as flexible parameters for achieving the optimum nesting results. In addition, all post processors can be customized to suit individual machine requirements to provide enhanced functionality.


  • Easy to use – factory oriented operation.
  • Extensive manufacturing functions.
  • Support of vacuum pods and work piece positioning systems.
  • On screen 3D graphics of finished components.
  • Unique friendly macro language simplifying programming.
  • DWG en DXF import.